Beaches and Buddha…


I wrote this a couple of days ago, but the internet has been bad…

Today was awesome.  Since I must wait to see what the doctor says about me returning to training, I have just been exploring my surroundings and trying to make the most of my trip.  I started out eating some breakfast and gathering a group of folks to go to Nai Harn beach for the day.  Nai Harn is said to be the most beautiful beach in the area, I would tend to agree after my experience today.  It is much more secluded and no people trying to sell you stuff.  I bought a beautiful sarong (I call it a “man skirt”) and laid on the beach in the hot sun for a few hours.  The sand was white and the water turquoise.  

hang loose

The only things that I could’ve asked for were some waves, but I just floated around on my back instead. 

After I had soaked up enough sun, my Aussie friend Pete and I went for a bite at Rawai beach.  The place looked a little shady, but I figured maybe it was just a tasty hole in the wall.  I got fried rice with prawns; they brought me steamed rice with prawns.  I tried to explain this to our waiter, but he just said, “Yes it’s fried rice” (in very broken English).  I said oh well and started to eat.  I forked my first and noticed that the poop strips hadn’t been removed so I passed on every shrimp! Bummer!  After we ate, I felt really nervous about the food messing with my stomach, so I got a shot of Johnny Walker Red.  I figured the whiskey would burn up anything bad. It worked, no squirts! HEHE!


After we ate, we decided to go the Big Buddha of Phuket.  It is a 50 foot statue at the top of the highest point in Phuket.  It is covered in white marble so it shimmers in the sunlight.  You can pretty much see it from any part of the island so it took a while on motorbikes to get there.  The road was super windy and parts were just bumpy dirt roads.  It was very humbling seeing monks who spend their entire lives dedicated to Buddhism, living at the Buddha.  It was a very special experience, I felt honored to be able to be so close to something so spiritual.  I got some great pictures.


After leaving the Buddha, we got home, showered, and went and watched the new James Bond.  It was action packed, full of good one liners.  It was nice paying 120 baht ($4), instead of the $10.75 I’m used to in the states.  It was interesting because after the previews they play a video honoring the king of Thailand.  Everyone stands and watches a very touching 1 to 2 minute video paying homage to the king.  He is loved very much by his country; it makes you feel good to see that.

Time to crash, big day tomorrow!  To the hospital in the morning, I finally might be able to train again after over a week!  Damn bacteria!



One Response to “Beaches and Buddha…”

  1. Mariana Says:

    Nice tan… I’m green with envy…

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