A Beautiful Island and an Ugly Plague…

So, again, a lot has happened since my last entry…  I went to the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life and I got the plague (actually, just staff infection, but still nasty).

I’ll start with the bad and end with the good so we end on a good note. 

So, last week about Thursday or so, I noticed a rash on my inner arms.  Not too bad, it kinda just looked like a bad sunburn or something.  I had been hugging an older punching bag at camp practicing my knees to the body, and thought that it was just irritation from the Dettol cleaning solution they use to clean the bags twice a day.  We did a lot of clench work after that in the ring against eachother and beforehand they make us take our shirts off.  So, when I woke up on Saturday morning on Phi Phi island (I’ll get into that later), my small rash had started to turn disgusting (skip to the end of the paragraph if you don’t wan’t to be grossed out).  There were dime sized blisters/boils filled with puss all over my inner arms and wrists, with a few on my neck and chest.  Once they popped they would just ooze puss constantly (an American doctor I met said they were “weeping”).  SO HANUS!!! 



thailand-2008-007I felt like I was going to die, even though the rest of my body felt perfectly healthy.  Just the look of it was so wrong.  I went to three different pharmacies in the following days, the different creams and pills seemed to only make it worse (remember these “pharmacists” are not doctors they are just random people that give you random drugs).  I finally went to the hospital on Monday and the doctor said all the stuff they had been giving me was only making it worse.  I finally received the right antibiotics and cortizone pills and it has been clearing up, slowly but surely.  The doctor says it is not a good idea to train because at this point it is still contagious… total bummer!  Almost a week gone from my 4 week stay at the camp.  Oh well, hot and humid=bacteria!!!

Ko Phi Phi island… oh what gorgeousness.  It was so unbelievable.  We took the ferry out at about 8am and arrived at the dock about an hour and twenty minutes later.  The islands are all about a half mile apart and stunning to look at.  The cliffs go straight out of the water, some up to like 300ft tall.Phi Phi cliff

We ate lunch after getting our hotel rooms at an Italian restaurant.  The pizza was delicious, the service was terrible.  It is a good thing tipping is not expected in Thailand!  After eating, our group of about 10 people decided to hop on a banana boat, explore the surrounding islands and snorkel for a few hours.  We bought some beers and a bucket of various bottles of liquor and mixers. 




The boat took us to many small coves and bays, some we snorkeled at and some we just explored and swam around.  It was so relaxing and beautiful, by far the nicest place I have ever been in my life. 

banana boat

Everyone was laughing and joking around.  One Scotsman named Damien told me he wanted a new Facebook picture, so he just stripped down naked and stood like the captain of the ship!  


People from the UK are crazy, I swear!  I saw some of the brightest fish ever while snorkeling, they were everywhere.  The boat driver would throw in bread and they would swarm around you by the hundreds.  I felt like I definitely had the greatest appreciation for the sea life, because of my previous love for aquariums.  I kept yelling every time I surfaced, “This is the best day of my life!”   It might have been true! 

After a long day in the sun, feeling saucy and relaxed, we arrived back in the bay by the hotels.  That whole banana boat excursion only cost me 250 baht (about $7).  We chilled around the hotels and restaurants for a couple of hours before the fights, continuing our intake of alcoholic beverages.  The streets in Phi Phi are cool because there are no cars or motorbikes, just pedestrians and bicycles.  The streets are all just little alleys; it reminded me of some small European town. 

Now I am not going to lie, by the time I got to the fights I was super sauced.  Actually, just about everyone in our group was.  The fights were brutal and exciting, just what I expected.  2 out of 3 of our guys won.  One of my trainers, that we call “Little Bert” (short for Robert), took a mean elbow, got knocked out and had to get some stitches in the second round of his fight.  An American named Caden (on the fight card they mistakenly called him “Garden”, which was hilarious!!!), knocked out a pudgy Thai in about 10 seconds.  He looked like he was no competition.  I think the guy he was supposed to fight backed out last minute.  Who knows?

That night I ended up going to a crazy beach party and making it all the way until sun up, which I did not expect.  The next day I just lay on the beach with 3 other super hung over friends, it was nice and relaxing laying in about an inch of water, baking in the sun.



One Response to “A Beautiful Island and an Ugly Plague…”

  1. cory Says:

    hope your arms are better, looked pretty wretch. sounds like everything else is goin real well, stoked! i leave for hawaii the 29th when do u come home? cant wait for u to kick my ass when you get home. ya doggie enjoy your time

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