Another day, another pain… Oh yeah… and a new president!

This shit is rough…

I have been training 7 hours a day and it is taking it’s toll.  I now have huge blisters on the balls of my feet from rotating when I kick.  My knees hurt from running, I have a messed up toe from about a month before I left California that just will not get better.  My left big toe has an ingrown toenail and my neck is totally pulled from practicing clenching(fighters grabbing each other behind the neck and delivering knees and throws).  I am gobbling Ibuprofen like its candy and it’s not working at all.

Luckily, I am leaving to go to Ko Phi Phi tomorrow with a group from my camp to watch Muay Thai fights and take a weekend off.  One American is fighting and two of my trainers.  I have heard that Phi Phi is breathtaking, it is part of the islands where they filmed the movie, The Beach, with Leonardo Dicaprio.  You have to take a 1.5 hour ferry to get there, from what I have heard.  We leave at 7:30am tomorrow and get back Saturday afternoon.

It just started raining. It sounds really loud because all of the roofs are sheet metal…

The news about our new president has obviously caused a serious buzz at the gym.  There are not a lot of Americans here so I get asked many questions, mainly how I feel about it.  I am slightly regretful that I missed it in the states, just because it is such a monumental point in history.  It is cool though, to see it from another countries perspective.  I watch it on various cable channels in Italian, Japanese, Thai, French, and on the BBC.  I find it funny that the only American news we get out here is Fox News, I’d much rather watch the BBC.  Yay Obama!!!  I am overjoyed and it seems like the rest of the world is as well.  It’s like they might already see us as a less ignorant country!

I do miss lots of things from home.  Obviously friends and family, but I notice small things.  A hearty cheeseburger or a really leafy salad with some field greens. MMMMMMM!   Thai hamburgers are not only tiny, but they put a slice of ham on the burger (i guess they really took it literally).  Salads are mainly just cabbage and shredded carrots, which is good, but not like some leafy greens (I’m sure mom thought she’d never hear the day I’d say that as a kid).  I miss chatting with American girls and having a good conversation.  Most Thai girls won’t give you the time of day because their experience with tourists has probably just been drunk idiots, but if they do let their guard down there is a language barrier.  They usually just nod their head like they understand, when they really have no clue.

I saw a huge praying mantis today and took some epic pictures, the thing was massive. 


The insects in Thailand all look prehistoric, I guess I miss the small ones at home too.

The Internet works shitty here so I get a blog in when I can.  I hope whoever is reading them is enjoying.  Ko Phi Phi, here I come.  It is time to watch the brutal bloodbath that I train so heard to be part of… I can’t wait.


One Response to “Another day, another pain… Oh yeah… and a new president!”

  1. Troy Says:

    Oh, I see you learn praying mantus pose, use with caution, those who know the road always seem to drive on the wrong side

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