Sore…oh, so sore…

I had my first double day yesterday, 7 hours of training total.  I got my ass kicked sparring in the morning with some Welshmen, boxing only, no kicks.  My nose is a little sore today, but besides that I’m good.  I took the morning off today to rest my weary bones. 

Since my last post there have been some good times.  Saturday night I went out to old Phuket town, very different from touristy Patong.  The first bar we went into we were the only foreigners (or “phalang” as they call us) in the whole place.  Every bar there had Thai cover bands that play American songs, it is awesome.  It was a lot more mellow, more my type of scene.  No prozzies, no street salesmen.  Good times.

Sunday we went to Patong beach.  The water was like a bath tub, the sun was like a sauna.  It was fun besides the fact that you can’t take two steps without being asked to buy something: “You want jetski?”, “You want Muay Thai short?”, “You want massage?”, “You want hammock?”, “You want beach chair?”, “You want tuc-tuc?”

It was hilarious, my aussie buddy Leigh was walking and his sandle broke in front of a tuc-tuc driver.  The guy pulls the shitty old sandles off his feet and says, “You buy these, 200 baht!”  I was dying!  It makes you realize everything is for sale in Thailand and everything costs money, even to use most of the bathrooms.

Three buddies and I got massages in Patong Sunday night.  We asked a tourist if he knew a place where we could get a good Thai massage, with no happy ending, no boom-boom…we were just really sore, not really lonely.  He suggested a spot and we checked it out, it was the best thing ever.  200 baht for an hour (about $6), lots of stretching and deep muscle work.  The girls were very nice and did not ever pressure us to do anything or spend more money.  We might make it an every Sunday thing, because its our one day off a week.

There are a hell of a lot of creepy crawlys here.  All day long Sunday I kept telling the guys how much I hate spiders and I think I jinxed myself.  I got home after my relaxing massage at about 11pm.  I go to unlock my door in very dim light and something very large moves about an inch from my hand.  I jump back and it runs about a foot and stops.  It was the biggest, ugliest, nastiest spider I have ever seen. 


I felt a little sick to my stomach, I’m not gonna lie.  One of the guys found a cobra in his bathroom.  If one bites you, you are dead within the hour.  I have definitely been watching where I walk, in the grass by the bungalows.  Apparently, they have a 4 foot range to bite, so I have been looking 6 feet in front of me!

I have been having a lot of problems getting money out of the banks here which has been stressful.  You would think Visa works everywhere, but it is something about Wells Fargo.  I talked to the bank for the second time today, hopefully it is good now.

Anyway, time to rest for afternoon training.  I need to stretch a lot because I am really hurting.  Oh yeah, I got a scooter finally.  They gave me a pink one because it was all they had, they said I could trade it for a red one today but I kinda like it…hehe.


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