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Finally Here…

October 31, 2008

Okay… this place is amazing.  Seriously unreal beauty… I forgot how much I like the tropics.  Tiger Muay Thai camp is awesome.  I got my bungalow last night and its actually really nice.  I took a hot shower after 2 days of travel and went to a restaurant about 100 yards from camp.  I asked where I could get a meal and a beer and some guy from camp just said, “Hop on my scooter, I’m going there anyway.”  So thats how I found myself at Floralville… a restaurant/hotel/thai massage spot (definitely the best Pad Thai I have ever eaten).  I got home around 10pm and passed out, waking before sunrise after a restful sleep.  I got up and explored camp as the sun came up, it must have been 5:30am.  The jungle has some amazing sounds at that time.  There are these little green geckos that eat flies and mosquitos everywhere, they are fun to watch. 


I saw the yoga class starting at 7am so I hopped in because my back has been feeling jacked after my move and the flights (much better now).  For breakfast I ate at the camp’s restaurant- scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, toast, and a banana shake for about $3 (and I was told Phuket is expensive compared to the rest of the country, can’t wait to see the north!).  Thai sausage is just hotdogs, I thought that was funny.  I am going into town with an aussie I met at camp to do some shopping later, we’ll see how that goes.  It certainly will be an interesting month filled with memories!


The start of something special…

October 29, 2008

Hello All,

This will be the first entry of many.  Right now I am at my first layover in Tai Pei, Taiwan.  Asia is already seeming very different, even from an airport!!!  There is a prayer area in the terminal as well as a “Green Relaxing Zone”, full of live plants, massage chairs and forest scene wallpapers. 

Green Relaxing Zone

I seem to be a foot taller than everyone, and my mohawk doesn’t help me blend in either.  I can’t wait to see what waits for me in Thailand… the land of a thousand smiles!!!